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The Eye Of The Virgin Of


The eye of the Queen of Heaven:
    These pictures are of the right eye of 'Our Lady of Guadalupe'. It was discovered in 1951, upon close examination, that the right eye of the image on the tilma had reflected within it an image of Juan Diego, the image of Bishop Zumarraga's interpreter, and the image of another man presumed to be a visiting priest or Bishop. Be aware that images reflected in the eye are distorted because of the curvature of the eye itself. Juan is on the right, his full face and beard clearly visible. The interpreter is to the left. He appears to be wearing a headdress, and he is looking at Juan as Juan opens his tilma. The visiting Bishop, with the top of his head visible, is to the right of center. The 'Blessed Virgin Mary' must have been standing in front of Juan and to the right of Bishop Zumarraga, as Juan opened the tilma and the beautiful miraculous image of 'Our Lady of Guadalupe' was seen for the first time.

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